Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friends, Romans, Fellow Aesthetes . . .

We are three people who love music.  We write about the music we love and why we love it.  

Barbara coined the term "Aesthetic Experience".  It sounds kind of lofty, but for her it's an everyday occurrence--a moment when the music intrudes from the background and takes over.  Duke and Steve have adopted the term as well, though not without smiling when they say it.

We all love different things about the music we love.  Sometimes these differences have brought us close to the point of exchanging blows.  But we all recognize that, no matter much we may think we know about music, no matter how on top of the scene we may think we are, what it really comes down to each of us is that aesthetic experience.  It's very personal and very subjective. 

This blog is an attempt to share that personal, subjective experience of music with others.  We realize that even though we all have these experiences, we rarely talk about them.  Well, we will here,, with one another and hopefully with readers.  So join the conversation!

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