Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two Thousand Nine

Within the next few days we will be posting our respective 2009 playlists. Each of us has a unique modus operandi for determining which tracks make the final cut. I'll let Duke and Steve speak for themselves. Naturally my methodology is the best.

Barbara's Rules:
1. The mix must be comprised of fifteen tracks.
2. No artist/band is allowed more than one song.
3. The sequence is determined chronologically.

Note well that this is not a mix of my favorite songs that were released in 2009. Rather, it's a collection of songs that reflects or brings to mind significant events that occurred over the course of the year. Occasionally a song will make the final cut simply because I was addicted to it at the time. However, in the spirit of this blog's namesake, I have to admit that most of these tunes are tied to specific aesthetic experiences. And since this damn post is already sufficiently esoteric-sounding, I'll spare you the juicy details.

p.s. You'll notice the name of my playlist is simultaneously original and memorable. Initially it was going to be Jesus in California but then I had a dream wherein I met Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler at a bar in New Orleans. Ouch.

Karin and Linford, silently judging me


  1. HA! I was waiting for that from you. Where is your damn 2009 by the way? Hmmm?

    N.B. our blog nearly merits a place in 'epic fail' world ... oh and WHERE IS STEVE

  2. Well I'm gonna start posting some mixes that might generate some traffic.

  3. Good thing because obviously I am incapable of generating traffic from any of my posts! :(

  4. Aw, someone's bound to notice. Let's post it up on facebook! Tag some folks in a note with the link?